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Andrea Anderheggen 

Written by Andrea Anderheggen, October 2018

SalesGrowth helps business leaders with entrepreneurial insights, prospecting data, and growth tools.

My website has two major sections to help your company grow:

My Background: SOFORT and Shopgate

SalesGrowth was founded in 2018 by me, Andrea Anderheggen.

I am a Swiss-Italian entrepreneur currently living in Switzerland.

Before SalesGrowth, I was a co-founder and COO at SOFORT, a leading European payment method, and of Shopgate, the worldwide leading mobile app and omnichannel development platform.

The SOFORT story was crazy!

I told that story in full length as part of my article Entrepreneurship: The 7 Essential Mindsets (My Story).


It turned out to be a huge success:

In 2013, SOFORT was sold to the Klarna Group for $150m!

SalesGrowth Background: Klarna acquires SOFORT for $150m

In 2007, while working on SOFORT, something very unexpected happened:

Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone.

Steve's keynote changed everything for me:

I instantly knew the internet would go mobile: Breathtaking opportunities would soon emerge in the tech world.

Today that idea seems obvious.

But at the time almost everyone thought of mobile devices as too small and too dumb for rich software applications.

There wasn't even an app store!

Who in 2007 would have ever thought that businesses relying on mobile apps could become worth hundreds of billions of dollars?!

Apps like UBER, Spotify, Netflix, etc. were unthinkable for most people back then!

What a great opportunity!

So, in 2009, I co-founded the mobile commerce platform Shopgate.

Shopgate Logo

I served Shopgate as worldwide Founder & CEO for almost seven years starting in 2011 before becoming an active board member in January 2018.

It was a thrilling experience!

During my time, Shopgate grew from a phone call between two founders to a leading eCommerce platform in the U.S. and Europe.

Shopgate serves thousands of retailers and millions of users every month.

In 2014 and 2015 I've spent two years in Mountain View, California.

So I got countless first-hand insights into how Silicon Valley works.

And Shopgate won several innovation awards!

I will share my successes, mistakes, and experience in the Bay Area in my blog & podcasts.

The Growth Blog & Podcast

So, here's a summary of accomplishments:

In the last 15 years, I have raised more than $45m in venture capital, sold one company for $150m and hired more than 450 people in total.

But there's a catch:

Success always outshines the failures behind success.

What Success Really Looks Like

I was no exception:

I made a ton of mistakes.

The good news:

I learned so much on that roller-coaster ride, that I have a ton of insights to share.

And I'd love to share my experiences with other leaders and help them become more successful.

So, I decided to write a blog.

And here's the deal for you:

My blog is not the usual, superficial content marketing.

Instead, my goal is to publish insanely valuable articles only!

The articles I publish are ALL the most in-depth articles you may have ever seen in a blog.

They have one common goal:

Helping you, the entrepreneur or business leader succeed better and faster!

Each of my blog posts can easily fill an eBook.

(Yes, I may end up writing a sales growth book once...)

The best part?

Each blog post is also available as a podcast!

So you can listen to all my articles on the go! 🎧 🚗 🏃🚂 🎧

View All Articles Now

The Growth Store

If you have employees, customers, and investors almost all you do during the day is managing them somehow:

Tons of meetings, decisions, presentations, interviews, 1:1 talks, firefighting, appraisals, hirings, and firings each day.

Day in and day out.

But when the day is over, and everybody else goes home, you, the entrepreneur or leader stay there to take care of the stuff only you can do best. (At least in a smaller organization.)

And in my case that meant spending most of my nights on:

  • analyzing which prospects my sales & marketing teams should target: The key ingredient to any sales growth formula,
  • creating, updating and improving financial plans,
  • creating presentations for investors, employees, trade shows, and customers,
  • performing revenue growth analysis, and
  • sales team performance reports,
  • thinking or researching for product strategies and partnership opportunities.

And if you're like me and like to get things done:

That can mean many sleepless nights!

But you've got no choice:

Those are the fundamental growth tools to become successful.

So, after many years of doing this, I thought:

Why not helping others grow as well?

Why not helping others save hundreds of hours of research work and painful trial-error experiences by sharing my insights and data?

Here we go!

The idea for my Growth Store was born!

The Growth Store

The Growth Store is the first online store to buy data and insights to accelerate your growth in less than a minute. 📈

It's the store I always needed for myself.

And hopefully, it will let you either sleep more or become way better and faster when building a spectacular business.

View The Growth Store

If you want to know more about my story; I recommend reading or listening to my article Entrepreneurship: The 7 Essential Mindsets (My Story).

Please leave a comment below and let me know what your impression of SalesGrowth is.

Thank you very much for your interest!

Happy growth! 🚀

Andrea Anderheggen

All the best, Andrea

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