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Our services will seriously boost your company's success.

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Top-Tier Entrepreneurial Experience

I've seen it all: First as a Co-Founder of (sold to Klarna for $150m) and later as a Founder of Shopgate, a leading global e-Commerce platform. You'll benefit from 15 years of experience in building exceptional (tech) companies. 

Services Success

Less Talking. More Doing.

The truth is: Most board members, consultants, and advisers talk a lot, but don't do much. – Sure, the analysis and understanding are important, but ultimately the magic happens when executing an idea. We are DOERS, and that's what you get if you book our services.

Job Lernkurve

Focus on Your Growth

Growth is not just part of the name of our company. It is what we can do best for YOU. It's the air we breathe every day: in marketing, sales, business development, and investor relations. 

Sales Management

Transform your team into a high velocity sales engine!


The performance of a high velocity inside sales team is not a random fact, but the result of specific activities and processes. Based on our extensive experience with building and managing sales teams towards success we offer management services in the following key success areas:

  • Recruiting of A-Player sales staff
  • Set up high velocity inside sales processes
  • Hands-on training of your salespeople in all parts of the sales process: prospecting, preparation, sales openings, question techniques, objection treatments, and closing techniques.
  • Set up of performance and KPI reports for senior management.
  • Market research & prospecting services using our in-house team of analysts and researchers. 

Our EMEA sales team at one of the legendary Christmas Parties at Shopgate. These people generated millions of Euros in Annual Recurring Revenues (ARR) under my management as CEO of Shopgate.

Marketing Funnel


SalesGrowth supports your company in defining and implementing powerful activities in all stages of your marketing.

Online Marketing

Implement a 10x increase in inbounds and leads with our holistic marketing approach


Online marketing has become a specialists' job: SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Paid Ads, YouTube Marketing, Social Media Marketing all require special, up-to-date knowledge. If you're not up-to-date, you will probably invest a fortune in old, underperforming activities.

On the other hand: Content Marketing without SEO and the content promotion involved in SEO is useless. The best YouTube videos without a real marketing funnel will not succeed. Paid ads without a marketing funnel most certainly become a huge loss of money and time.

We at SalesGrowth can help your company grow supporting you in every part of the marketing funnel and the following areas:

  • Content Marketing and SEO. We are alumni of the currently best SEO course in the world: SEOThatWorks and follow their proven systems to write and promote content to achieve higher rankings in search engines. 
  • YouTube marketing. We are alumni of the FirstPageVideo for professional YouTubers.
  • Paid Facebook Ads and Google Adwords: Campaign definition, setup, A-N testing of ad copies, images, videos, performance tracking and optimization.
  • Podcasting: Creation and distribution
  • Social Media marketing (Instagram, Facebook)

Fundraising / Venture Capital

Benefit from our experience of raising more than $45m.


Raising venture capital can be a pain in the a... process. There are many pitfalls and mistakes you can make. And it's definitely time-consuming. I have recently summarized my learnings in my podcast episode: Venture Capital: 14 Untold Lessons After Raising $45m (Guide)

I (Andrea) have become a business angel investing in A-player startup teams in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, eCommerce, Fintech and automation. 

However, at SalesGrowth we also support startups in raising venture capital through our network and using our investor data

Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help your company raise the next funding round!


Venture Capital Services

After raising $45m for my two previous companies and meeting with dozens of investors in the last 15 years, I can provide you with a clear and successful approach to raising venture money.


We offer you a member of your board that helps you win the battle before it is fought.

Board Seats & Strategic Advice

Get a board member helping you navigate through the most challenging strategic decisions and bringing in a hands-on mentality to make your company a success.


Some board members are representatives of investors: Their job is to make sure the management meets their expectations or what they think are their expectations.

Other board members are just lucky shareholders with close to zero impact and help to your company.

We offer you a different type of board member:

A board member that has knows what it takes to be an entrepreneur and CEO. And that helps you with clear strategic advice, a secure network in the global tech scene and – if necessary – hands-on support on your way to reaching a global success for your company.

More concrete, as a board member we help and coach CEOs:

  • Think and evaluate product strategies that are designed to help customers and build a solid business foundation for your company.
  • Evaluate and search for senior executive staff members.
  • Raise further funds to accelerate the company's growth.
  • Prepare board presentations and pitch decks.