Venture Capital Firms in the U.S.

🚀 Get in touch with up to 1,395 General Partners, Partners, CEO and other decision-makers at U.S. venture firms. Check our lists below and skyrocket your venture funding!



  • Top-20 Venture Firms in the U.S.
  • 197 Personal Email Addresses, First Names, Last Names and Postions
  • 176 (89%) Decision Makers Email Addresses
  • 20 HQ Cities and States
  • 20 LinkedIn Pages
  • 20 Twitter Profiles
  • 15 Facebook Pages
  • 20 Websites
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  • Top-200 Venture Firms in the U.S.
  • 1,395 Personal Email Addresses, First Names, Last Names and Postions
  • 1,226 (88%) Decision Makers Email Addresses
  • 200 HQ Cities and States
  • 175 LinkedIn Pages
  • 180 Twitter Profiles
  • 124 Facebook Pages
  • 200 Websites
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Why Buying These Email Lists?

✅ Increase Your Chances of a Venture Deal

If there is one thing that makes or breaks a deal it's this: Having multiple venture firms interested in an investment. It increases your negotiation power and your chances to actually close a deal!

✅ Prioritize the Right People

Approaching VC firms is not enough. To close a real deal you need to approach the right people within these firms. Our lists provide a clear priority which firms and which people to approach first.

✅ Saves You Days of Research

Sure, you can research all data yourself, but you may then need to invest hundreds of hours or research!

Part 1: List of Companies

The lists of venture firms include the following information:

  • Company Name
  • URL
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Company LinkedIn Page (if available)
  • Company Twitter Profile (if available)
  • Company Facebook Page (if available)
  • Venture Capital: Yes or No
  • Accelerator: Yes or No
  • Corporate Venture Capital: Yes or No

Part 2: Up to 10 Email Addresses per Company

For each venture firm, the lists include:

  • Company Names
  • URL
  • Email Addresses (up to 10 for each firm)
  • First Names
  • Last Names
  • Positions

There are 0 general emails such as info@ or hello@ included: All email addresses are personal email addresses carefully researched by the SalesGrowth team.

About SalesGrowth and Why We Sell this List

Andrea Anderheggen, former Co-Founder of and

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SalesGrowth ( is a new startup founded by Andrea Anderheggen.

Before SalesGrowth, Andrea was a Co-Founder of the online payment method (sold to the Sequoia-backed Klarna-Group for $150m in 2013) and of

SalesGrowth helps entrepreneurs and business leaders, providing data and insights to grow their companies.

Besides a free podcast including insanely actionable growth tips, we also sell digital products that help you save time and grow your company faster.

The lists of venture firms on this page are a great example of products that help you accelerate your growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much time do you need to deliver a list once I made the purchase?Every list is instantly available after the purchase on the order confirmation page. Furthermore, we will send you an email within 1 to 10 minutes including the download link.

Where did you get this data from? These data are the result of weeks of online research and years of personal experiences.

Can I research the data provided in these lists myself? Sure. However, you may then need many days to reach a similar quality of data. Furthermore, we have included the SalesGrowth ranking for both: The Venture Firms and the partners working within these firms. To increase your chances of closing a deal it is essential to not approach a random person at a VC firm but the right general partner within that firm. We believe that our ranking is unique and may at least give you an idea of how to prioritize General Partners better.

How did you do the ranking of venture firms? It's a unique approach combining both: Data and our experience. Our data are based on media presence, the number of deals, fund sizes, exits of each venture firm. Our experience with approx. 50 of the firms listed are based on personal meetings and pitches at those firms.

Do you recommend reaching out to VCs with an email? The short answer is: Yes if your copywriting is appealing!

As explained in chapter 11 of the above-mentioned podcast & blog episode, there are many ways to approach a VC. Most VCs and Venture Guides recommend introductions from trusted people. But this may take a lot of time to accomplish and usually means that you will be able to get in touch with a dozen VCs only. That can cause a serious problem: When raising venture money it is important to strengthen the negotiation power based on a large enough number of available options.

Furthermore, Andrea – our SalesGrowth founder – has been able to close venture deals worth millions of dollars originated in a cold email. It's like with every other approach: It all depends on the quality and content of your copywriting.

Emails can also be great if you are not yet in the fundraising mode but want to prepare such as process a few months in advance to make VCs aware of your success.

How can I get in touch with you for any other question? Please have a look at the various options listed on our contact page: